Hayan Merchant – Chief Executive Officer

With extensive experience as an entrepreneur and a leader in a wide set of business sectors and industries, Hayan Merchant sits on the board of a number of companies involved in media, hospitality, leisure, tourism, education, real estate development and advisory. Hayan Merchant has been ranked in the ’Power 25 – Shaping the future of Middle East Business’ by the renowned publication group, The Times UK, alongside other renowned regional business and government leaders. Born into a family business with global reach, his family business interests include owning one of the largest media and marketing companies in the Middle East and Africa, in addition to large scale property and hospitality investments with renowned international brands and business partners. Hayan Merchant is a regular international speaker and has spoken at a host of major international events, such as Fortune’s Global Forum, the Forbes Global CEO Conference, the World Economic Forum, on varied topics including public-private partnerships and social entrepreneurship.

Hayan holds a Honors BSC Graduate Degree in Management Sciences from Warwick Business School, UK, and a LLM Masters Degree in Corporate and Commercial Law from Kings College, London, UK and has undertaken numerous executive management courses at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, USA; the Michigan Ross School of Business, USA; the Columbia Business School, USA, and the Center for Creative Leadership, USA

Steven Gavrielatos – Creative Director

Steven Gavrielatos is the most followed fragrance expert in the United States with his unmatched experience in high quality niche fragrances. With more than 100,000 subscribers globally, Steven is regarded as the ‘go to’ educator when it comes to niche and high quality fragrances.

His YouTube channel and personal events discussing a diverse range of fragrances have helped both women and men find their perfect olfactory accessory. What started as an exercise in connecting with like-minded individuals transformed into an outlet to educate and inspire, and today, Steven’s knowledge and experience is simply unmatched with young, avid and sensitive fragrance consumers.

Steven also spent several years judging on several panels for the Fragrance Foundation, his YouTube channel was nominated for a Fragrance Foundation award in 2018, he has spoken publicly on the topic of fragrance at several conventions for many years, and he has done brand ambassadorship for some of the top niche brands in the industry. Using this background and knowledge, Steven has worked with some of the most renowned global perfumers to develop various high-quality, niche-style, unique, versatile, and accessible sensory experiences that will take consumers through unique, olfactive journeys.

Buck Moore – Creative Director

In 2017, Buck Moore, better known as Big Beard B, launched the Big Beard Business YouTube channel. With no formal training in perfumery, Buck is somewhat of an anomaly and has become one of the most recognizable and trusted figures in the men’s fragrance space. To date, he has amassed over 100,000 subscribers worldwide and is the #1 African American fragrance content creator with nearly 20,000,000 views and counting.

Buck never imagined his love for fragrances would lead him to this point. With more than fifteen years of experience, his passion and his relationship with fragrances have only strengthened over the years.

Buck has served as a fragrance consultant and ambassador for some of the top designer and niche brands in the industry. Now as a Creative Director for Navitus Parfums, Buck works with some of the greatest noses in the world of perfumery, infusing his style to tell the olfactive stories of successful urban professionals across the globe.