XENIAL – 125ml


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Xenial Extrait De Parfum, a fragrance that symbolizes the spirit of togetherness, is creatively directed by Mr. Max Forti and Mr. Steven Gavrielatos and crafted by master perfumer Christian Carbonnel.

Limited and Exclusive: Only 500 Bottles.

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Product description

Creatively directed by Mr. Max Forti and Mr. Steven Gavrielatos and crafted by master perfumer Christian Carbonnel, Xenial Extrait De Parfum is a fragrance that symbolizes the spirit of togetherness, evoking images of a gentlemen's lounge where confidence and geniality flow like fine cask-aged single-malt whiskey.

Like an impeccably tailored suit, this olfactory masterpiece opens with the rich, smoky allure of the intoxicating aroma of fine aged-whisky, a welcoming embrace that beckons you to step into a realm of meaningful camaraderie. As the scent unfolds, the bright zest of orange, bergamot, and lemon provides an inspiring dance, akin to old friends reuniting in laughter thus creating new memories. Like the euphony of concordant conversation, these vibrant notes resonate with confidence and cast a luminous aura of charm and sophistication.

The heart notes are comprised by lavender and geranium lending an air of tranquility and self-assured elegance similar to a well-worn leather armchair that cradles you in its comforting embrace at the end of a long-day.

Base notes of tobacco and leather conjure up the decisive values and ideals that are espoused by one with the self-assurance and empathy that inspire the most positive effects. Vetiver and hay provide the earthy texture while cedar wood contributes to the long-lasting qualities of the blend.

Xenial is the olfactory outfit to assist you in channeling your most confident and hospitable side, it is that made-to-measure invisible layer that will provide a feeling of assurance when you’re ready to take on whatever life brings you.

Limited Edition. 500 Bottles Only. An exclusive NavitusParfums x ScentXplore Collaboration

Notes and Ingredients


  • Top Notes
  • Brazilian Orange, Italian Bergamot, Spanish Lemon & Single Malt Whiskey
  • Heart Notes
  • Bulgarian Lavender, Egyptian Geranium, Turkish Laurel, German Chamomile, French Clary Sage & Ambergris
  • Base Notes
  • Maduro Cuban Tobacco, Premium Suede Leather, Virginian Cedarwood, Madagascan Vanilla, Honey, French Hay, Haitian
    Vetiver & French Oakmoss