Art of Perfume Making

Your scent is an irreplaceable part of your personal style. A single perfume or collection of carefully selected signature scents tell the world who you are. These scents become entwined with your sense of self. Perfume making is an art and below we share with you the various processes that we adopted at Navitus Parfums to give you an experience that will wow you.  

Designing a perfume

The world of perfumery is an ancient one. Processes have been refined over millennia and perfumers throughout the centuries have dedicated themselves to designing the most desirable scents.

Perfume Ingredients

The quality and magic of a luxury perfume is built on the strength of its ingredients. These ingredients must be sourced carefully and extracted with the utmost care and attention.

The Perfect Blend

Once harvested, oils are combined in the perfect balance to create a layered lingering perfume that develops as it is worn. Creating this balance is the task of a master perfume maker, and ratios are tested and realigned until a perfect scent is created.

Beauty by Design

A beautiful scent deserves a beautiful bottle and at Navitus Parfums we design our packaging every bit as carefully as our perfume. The glass on our bottles is polished and the sheer experiencing of holding any of our perfume bottles will show you the quality and strength behind the bottles, which is a hallmark at Navitus Parfums.